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Be Kind

Hello again my friend, Yesterday I shared with you about Fundy Fan Fest.  I wanted to tell you that we met Erick Avari but I ran out of time.  There can be no doubt that you have seen Eric Avari on the screen at one time or another.  A quick peek at his IMDB page […]

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Fundy Fan Fest: More Than Just A Good Time

Dear Friend, This past weekend was the very first Fundy Fan Fest, a convention of all the geeky entertainment your heart could desire. We had a marvellous time. The organizers did a wonderful job with loads of interesting things taking place. People like myself who attend comic conventions often have a difficult time explaining the […]

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Rest Needed: Apply Within

Hello my friend, I’ve been looking forward to speaking to you again. This past week has felt a little crazy and I am afraid that by the end of it I was left feeling drained and exhausted. You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? Far too often the answer to the simple […]

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Personal Correspondence

Dear Friends Old and New, There has been much discussion about changes in how we communicate, how different it is from ages past and how quickly it continues to evolve. Email, Facebook, Twitter, texting have all impacted how we interact with each other. Some of these changes have brought us closer together, made distances shorter […]

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