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Rest Needed: Apply Within

August 22, 2017

Hello my friend,

I’ve been looking forward to speaking to you again. This past week has felt a little crazy and I am afraid that by the end of it I was left feeling drained and exhausted. You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? Far too often the answer to the simple question, “How are you?” ends up being . . . “busy” or “tired” and sometimes, “tired of being busy”. How did we all get this way? Are we really ‘tired of being busy’ or do we have a sense of pride about it?Are we addicted to it? Is it possible for us to change it? Can we become ‘unbusy’?

For the past couple of years these question has running in circles around my mind. Hahaha, so now we both know my mind is a far cry from a restful place. If you were to google ‘importance of rest’ the lists that would pop up would be plentiful and varied. There would be articles about how important it is to rest while you are sick, to take rest days while doing any type of physical training, how rest can improve your personal life, that rest and sleep are necessary for children, the spiritual importance of rest, resting after you’ve given birth, how rest can make your work more efficient, the importance of rest for young domestic fowl . . . yup plentiful and varied.

A longing for the essentialness of quiet is something that crosses the divides of location and age. As a Christian I sometimes feel I should grasp the importance of a time of refreshment, after all it is a recurring theme in the bible. Yet I still agonize trying to find the balance of downtime in my life. In fact I am writing this post while I am supposed to be having downtime, relaxing on a family vacation. (Just keeping it real my friend.) That said, this is something I desperately want to get a handle on because obviously I am struggling with it as much as the next person. Do you feel the same?  Unfortunately we can talk until the cows come home about the blight of busyness on our lives and nothing really changes.  In fact there are as many articles about the busyness epidemic as there are the importance of rest.

Here is what I am proposing to do about the full plate of my life . . . . Wow, telling you makes it very real, I’m not going to be able to weasel out of it am I? My plan is to look at this idea of ‘unbusy’ and how countercultural it is. Then to take steps, even if they are baby steps towards finding the respite my soul is longing for. To look hard at what the scripture has to say about rest and our need for it. To move towards a life where, when people ask, “How are you?” my answer is never…’busy’.  After all you and I are much more than that.

Journeying on together,
Postmistress Stacey-Lynne






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  1. This is something that has been on my mind for a couple years now. After 6ish years of running a business while maintaining a full time job as well as studying for my masters in Christian counseling, I felt God tell me it was time to be still. One of the things he pressed on my heart was to walk away from the excess and focus on what He gave me as priorities. That meant my new marriage and husband and the job God provided. I started saying no to everything including volunteer and studies. While my life has gone from scheduling dates with friends a month in advance to having the availability for spontaneous visits, I still find God pulling me back in when I start to add more to my plate, like blogging. It’s a fine and important balance that we should never take for granted. In my experience, busy-ness is a distraction from living.

    1. I love that! “busy-ness is a distraction from living” It’s so spot on! I find that busyness keeps me from people and from really seeing and knowing them. I hate that. How can I love people if I am too busy to see them properly?

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