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Embracing The Autumn Splendour

Dear Friend, I hope this note finds you happy and well.  The weather here has been amazing for September! I have loved every minute of the extension of summer, but this morning when I awoke it was suddenly fall.  I love living some place where the seasons show a clear change.  As much as I […]

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It’s No Secret, I Love To Thrift Shop

Dear Friend, It’s no secret among my family members and close friends, I love to thrift shop. I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager. There is something exciting about entering a thrift store.   You truly never know what you will find, sometimes it’s something hilarious, sometimes it’s exactly what you were looking […]

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Spousal Support: Prayer

Good morning, The other morning I awoke to my husbands frustrated voice because he couldn’t find the lint roller and our dearest cat had nested on his clean work shirt. It happens. Normally my sweetie gets up, gets ready for work, and gives me a kiss before heading out the door. He never natters at […]

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Easily Said, Harder To Do

Hey there my friend, We’ve made it half way through the week.  Isn’t that a fantastic thought it means we are just a little closer to the weekend.  Funny, that would be more exciting if I felt I had accomplished more of the tasks I set myself this week. Do you feel that way sometimes […]

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First Day Not Back To School

Dear Friend, It’s September and the evenings are growing colder. Yet, I refuse to give up summer so easily, after all we have until the twenty-second. September, twenty-second, the official start of my favourite season, autumn. Even though I adore fall I have a warm spot in my heart for those late summer days. There is […]

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