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Easily Said, Harder To Do

September 13, 2017

Hey there my friend,

We’ve made it half way through the week.  Isn’t that a fantastic thought it means we are just a little closer to the weekend.  Funny, that would be more exciting if I felt I had accomplished more of the tasks I set myself this week. Do you feel that way sometimes too?  My big problem is not managing my time well.  I am sure I could accomplish more if I just had a few better habits in place.

I struggle with setting good habits. Oh I know I’m not alone in this, it’s an age old problem isn’t it? Lately I have been coming to terms with the fact that the reason for this has nothing to do with habit setting. But everything to do with my attitude and priorities. I can make up tonnes of excuses or reasons why things don’t happen. Unfortunately the reality is I don’t consider it as important as my mouth says it is or I would do it. Ouch, being truthful with yourself hurts a bit.

I have a list of habits and tasks I need to get serious and take action on. Talking about them and their importance doesn’t make them happen. So here is what I propose, I am going to take two habits I need to begin to develop and three tasks I need to accomplish. I will share them with you today.  In addition I am going to set a random deadline of October 10th.  At that time I will report back to you on my progress.  I do love picking random deadlines.  Next I am also challenging you to set one task or habit you would like to implement and leave it below in the comments section. Accountability amongst friends, yay us!

One of my grandfather’s bibles.

Habit #1 I do not read my bible as faithfully as I should. Shamefully I allow other things to crowd my days and steal my attention away from growing in God. I know that spending time personally reading God’s word is what helps a Christian flourish. I used to be more committed to this and it’s a habit I have allowed to lapse. To remedy this I will make spending time in the word each day a priority.

Habit #2 I am a diabetic. For over a year my dietician has been telling me to test my sugars, so that we can establish a general pattern of my highs and lows. I have not done this. It is important. Testing sugars once a day will be my second habit I committed to creating.

Current state of affairs. Try not to judge me. And yes those are all books waiting to be read.

Task #1 I will clean off my dresser and night stand. Somewhere my mother is reading this and doing a happy dance. For many people this would not be a task worthy of listing but for me . . . . it’s a bit of a big deal. I have not seen the top of my dresser in, maybe five years . . . . yikes, that’s embarrassing. My night stand is in similar condition. The ‘to read’ stack of books has gotten out of control and has the potential to harm the cat should it fall on him. By October 10th both shall be neat and tidy, with a photo for you to prove it.  I should reassure you the rest of the house is neat and tidy.

 Task #2 Paint my desk. Once again not a huge job but I am a terrible procrastinator, did I mention that. The desk and the paint have been waiting for over six months now. Time to fish or cut bait. I can’t imagine how great if will feel to have that accomplished.

Task #3  Successfully meal plan for two consecutive weeks.  Hmmmm, perhaps this one is more of a habit.  Fair enough if I complete two weeks of meal planning I will be on my way to forming a good habit won’t I?  More on this in a post to come.

Goals are set and now we stop talking and move forward.  I’m feeling pretty good about telling you my plans.  I am happy you’re on the other end reading and cheering me on.  There was something else I wanted to talk to you about but it will have to wait for now.  I will try to get back to you before the end of the week.  Look at me ending our letter on that little tease.  Now I had better run, it’s time to find where I stashed my blood sugar monitor . . . hmmm with my luck it will be on the dresser.

Looking forward to your response,

Your Postmistress, Stacey-Lynne







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  1. You go girl/woman!!! I ‘ve seen you’re room and that will be a task and a half. I too need to start making progress with my life as it is today. It’s time to start finding new purpose in my life (I’m terrified of finding out that I can’t find one so I’m scared to start looking) I need some forward movement instead of standing still. I’ll see what I can do. If you can clean off your dresser I can set my mind to thinking.

    1. Michelle, you will be able to find a focus I am sure! I am so impressed with the changes you have been making for your health. You are right if I can manage to clean off that dresser anything is possible.

  2. Oh my oh dear … I hope your monitor isn’t on the dresser! I’m a morning person so I’ll have to think on this in the morning. ( < :

    1. No worries, Mom! I can do this! I found the monitor. Perhaps tomorrow I will use it. I mean tomorrow I WILL use it.!

  3. I’m doing something similar. Not cleaning my dresser although it could certainly use that. I’m trying to figure out and develop a habit of centering my meals around veggies and incorporating more NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) in my day-to-day.

    1. Tammy that sounds like an excellent habit to develop. I will be interested to hear how you and your other half do with veggie centred meals. Hopefully you will have some tips I can try.

  4. You’ve got this! I’m also happy to help along the way! I am going to get back to physical activity, a healthy relationship with food and no devices (phone and computer) at night. 🙂 I’m going to finish refinishing my china cabinet, order the pieces I want for my bedroom and buy a vacuum! I’ll check in on Oct 10th to see if I’ve remotely had any successes.

  5. Wow Jessica that is a great list! A huge list I will be your cheerleader all the way. I need to add physical activity in too.

  6. My goal will be to read my devotional book at work each day. My dresser is almost as bad as yours. Let me see what I can do.

  7. Linda, any type of habit involving devotional time seems to call on extra will power to create, doesn’t it? I keep reminding myself of James 4:8 Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.

    I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who struggles with keeping things in ‘my personal’ space sorted away. 🙂

  8. Good luck with the dresser and end table. I’ve seen you do it before and I’m confident you can do it again! Get an upbeat playlist going on Spotify! Not the Caribbean Mamba or whatever that wretched CD is called 😂😂

    1. Bahahaha, yes you have first hand knowledge about how bad it actually is. What do you have against my Cabana Mambo CD? It’s awesome ‘move it, move it’ music!

  9. I love your blog Stacey, this is the first september I am making goals.Usually I go into the back to school blues, I decided to change this year. We are getting rid of stuff we do not need, yes that is going to take a while.I got sick in the summer and I have changed my eatting habits for the better. Donnie and I are making more plans together and that is a good thing and we are happy , grateful and content.Thanks for being a positive light in my life, I look forward to many more of your blogs.

    1. Mary Jo,
      that is exciting that you are making goals. I always feel better when I am proactive. Even if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do I’m further ahead than if I attempted nothing at all. Time with your husband is always well spent. Sweetie and I always promote taking care of your relationship first and having fun together is key. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

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