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Embracing The Autumn Splendour

September 30, 2017

Dear Friend,
I hope this note finds you happy and well.  The weather here has been amazing for September! I have loved every minute of the extension of summer, but this morning when I awoke it was suddenly fall.  I love living some place where the seasons show a clear change.  As much as I love summer I must admit it’s autumn that holds my heart.  Sunny days, crisp air, warm sweaters and the return of jeans.  Visually creation puts on an amazing show this time of year in our little corner of the world. Beauty seems to be all around us, seasonal splendour.  I can’t help but smile as I think about it.  Hurray for autumn!

Do you ever feel that the days just leap forward. I certainly felt that way this month.  It feels like the ‘to do’ list keeps growing and the days keep passing with far too little checked off.  Confession, I have been avoiding the dresser top, but I still have until the 10th of October.  I will be brave and I will tackle it!  One of the things I did accomplish this month is changing the decor in my house to autumn.  Yes, I must admit I am one of ‘those’ people.  I love seasonal decor.  It makes me happy to embrace all the things that make each part of the year unique.  Plus I am a piler.  I have the tendency to pile things, however nicely on all available surfaces.  Rather explains the mess of my dresser doesn’t it? If I decorate and create ‘charming vignettes’ around the house, I don’t pile. Things stay neat and tidy for much longer after I have decorated.

In preparing to change the decor I often find myself browsing Pinterest and now Instagram to see what other people are doing.  I am always looking for new ideas and different ways to display my treasures.  Oh, the creativity and inspiration of some people, it’s truly amazing.  There is a downside however to all of these little sneak peeks into other peoples homes … dissatisfaction.  Occasionally instead of inspiring us to create or work in our own home we become envious of the perfection we view online.

For quite sometime I found myself drawn to these images of elegance. I would follow a blog hop which would take me in into these fashionable homes, free of clutter, most often in shades of whites and creams, fresh flowers and my heart would sink a little.  I would think, ‘Oh that’s beautiful.’ and a wee bit of envy would creep in. As I looked around my home with it’s furniture showing the marks of a little wheelchair banging into it, well loved books doubled stacked on the shelves due to lack of space and dust bunnies peeking out from under the chairs, I would sigh and think, maybe someday.  Does this sound familiar my friend?  Am I alone in this, this feeling of inadequacy to create the picture perfect home?

Gratefully I discovered two things that changed my attitude towards what I see online.  The first was a video, of a popular blogger setting up photo shoots of the perfectly crafted image. What!  Now I am not a stupid woman, I look at magazines, catalogues and know the woman I am seeing had a team of stylists and then were photoshopped to perfection.  Why had it not occurred to me that the same was done for blogs?  The more I investigated this idea, the more I found it to be true.  Doesn’t that make you feel better, it makes me feel better. Quite often that gorgeous tablescape is not going to see a meal, at least not on the day the photo was taken.  It was probably shot at 9am when the kids were at school and the morning light was just right to glint off the glasses.  I realized that as much as I admire those images and will take some inspiration from a few of them, I am far too in love with authenticity to be jealous of them any more.  I need ‘real’ in my life.

The second piece that changed my outlook, was I figured out who I am and I’m comfortable with myself.  In truth I kind of like myself. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and content with where I am.  Okay ….. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and most of the time to be content with where I am.  Occasionally I find myself longing for things that aren’t part of my current picture and I pray that God would grant me a spirit of contentment. It’s not something I have had much success cultivating on my own.  Yet, with gratitude I can say in all confidence that God’s still working on me, to make me who I ought to be….

We were all created as individuals, we all have different tastes and things that make us happy.  So who am I?  I am a person who loves colour.  I would never do well in a completely white, cream or fancy dancy ecru home, no matter how serene they look.  I like traditional colour palates and bringing nature inside.  White pumpkins that look stunning in some homes would feel completely out of place here.  I am not a minimalist and will never be one although I am trying to bring some of the principles to our home. I love a bargain and if I can make something look nice knowing that all the components came from the dollarama, well that just makes me love it even more.  I adore using things that have been loved by previous generations, there is a feeling of depth to them.

So here is a peek into my home and all my brightly coloured vignettes.  They fill me with contentment even though the totes are still sitting just outside the frame of the photo. No worries, I can put those away tomorrow when I fold the laundry that is on the other side of the couch.  I would love to see some photos of your favourite fall things.  Perhaps you could post them on the Letters Facebook page.

So until next time, I wish you the brightness and contentment of the harvest season,

Your Postmistress,



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  1. Beautiful! I love seeing your house go through its many transformations. And kudos to you, you’re on time this year lol. You’ll have time to enjoy fall before it’s time to redo for Christmas. I laughed put loud when you said that you weren’t a minimalist because you are fat from it but your house is comfortable and welcomes you’re friends and family with open arms. I wouldn’t wish minimalism on you because then you would not be you and you are pretty wonderful.

    1. Hahaha Michelle you know me so well. Yes, I got them up in time to really enjoy them. I am okay not being a minimalist, but I striving to only keep the things I truly love. Of course the problem is, I have a lot of love to give.

  2. Beautiful decorations! I have tried to be someone who changes their decor but it always seems like such a chore.

  3. Love it. I love the idea of seasonal decorating. I only do it for Christmas. I love how my living room transforms into something magical.

  4. Love your style girl. I have a box in the basement that will be empty soon as my harvest decorations move upstairs. Will post some pics when I find the time to be creative. Have until Thursdqy when our company arrives from Ontario. Got to bring fall inside and make it look cozy and inviting …. 😀

  5. Thanks Maureen! I can’t wait to see what you do, I suspect you have great flair. I love bringing the outside in.

  6. I always love seeing your seasonal decorations. I do some of this but on a much smaller scale. Our house has too many surfaces covered with collectible lego! But I do what I can and I introduce a bit of halloween and autumn. It is hard not to fall into the deceptive pit of blog photos and pinterest. In the end, trust your tastes and put up decor that looks good to you and speaks to your feelings on the season. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  7. Thanks Jessica! The lego, hahaha but it’s really cool lego! I look forward to seeing your halloween table. I love the perfect fit of my personal style. It was so great when I stopped wishing for other peoples style and just learned to admire it instead.

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