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October Deadline Has Arrived

October 12, 2017

Hello my friend,

It feels like forever since we’ve spoken. Now here we are another October has come around bringing with it another Thanksgiving. Loads of food and laughter shared with family and friends, we truly have much to give thanks for. I hope you had a lovely holiday surrounded by people you enjoy. We certainly did.  Naturally I ate too much but who can say no to pie. It would be almost rude not to try all of them wouldn’t it? How was your Thanksgiving weekend?


I know the question on everyone’s mind is “Did she manage to get the disaster of dresser cleaned?” Inquiring minds want to know.  I am sorry you didn’t hear from me yesterday October 10th, the day I had set for the completion of my tasks. Unfortunately a migraine had me laid low. Now before we get to the dresser I want to check in on some of my other goals. There were a couple of successes and a couple of fails.

Habit # 1 Reading my bible, have some personal time with God more faithfully than I had been. I am marking this as a success. Along with spending more time in the scripture I think I have narrowed down a time of day that is best for me. Surprisingly enough it is first thing in the morning before I even leave my bedroom. That is the key for me, the second I step a foot out my bedroom door there seem to be a bazillion things demanding my attention, pulling me in different directions. I know some moms out there understand exactly what I am saying. The truth is creating this specific habit is difficult. Even during times in my life that I’ve felt it was a well established routine it didn’t seem to take much to derail it. Really that is to be expected on some level, after all why would the enemy want us to grow and draw closer to God. I am giving myself big happy checkmark for this one.

Habit #2 Test my sugars once a day. Well, let’s just mark this as a fail and not talk about it anymore. Perhaps I will do better on this tomorrow. Who knows it could happen, perhaps I will wake up a responsible adult.

Task #3 Successfully meal plan for two consecutive weeks. Week one a resounding success! No last minute scramble over what was for supper. We awoke each morning with a clear view on what our supper prep needed to be. It felt fantastic! I lined up a menu plan for the second week but . . . we didn’t stick to it. It was one of those weeks where it was curve ball after curve ball. Nothing terrible happened, just things to throw us off a little. After the great experience of the week before I will be pursuing this. Watch for more on meal planning in a future post.

Task #2 Paint my desk. Done and done! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I used Mineral Fusion paint. The paint was very easy to work with and covered well. The colour, cranberry is exactly what I was hoping for. Kerra, at Grammie’s Girls said I would love it and she was right.  After painting the desk we used a rub of soft black wax. The wax gave it a nice look of depth. To finish it off my Sweetie chose new hardware that suits this old desk’s new look perfectly. I will post some addition photos of this project on the Letters Facebook page. There is something very satisfying about using your own hands to create the perfect home atmosphere for your family.  We all have different tastes and interests, different things that feel like home.  I wish I could take a little peek into your home and see kind of a nest you live in.  What are the details in your house that make your heart sing?

Task #1  That terrible mess of a dresser top. What I didn’t take into account when I set my random deadline was Thanksgiving and cleaning the house for out-of-town family to stay.  Yes, I neglected to factor in Thanksgiving, honestly the thought crossed my mind that should qualify me for an extension of the deadline.  None the less, I put on my big girl pants and went to work  . . . I have looked on the top of my beautiful dresser for the first time in years.  It even received a loving rub down with lemon oil.  My friends I am so very grateful to you.  Having you on this journey, sharing my goals with you that is what spurred me on to complete this task.  Without my accountability to you I am sure I would have put it off yet again.  I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to have that done.  Honestly, I had no idea how much it was weighing me down. It’s a joy  to wake in the morning and not open my eyes to that mountain of mess.  So thank you for being on the other end the computer screen, you encourage me.  


Now while I did manage to get the top of dresser cleaned off, I did not succeed in sorting away my night table.  But I am inspired by what I have accomplished so I will continue to move forward.  Might I send some encouragement your way, you too can keep moving forward as well.  I will be your cheerleader, what do you want to accomplish before the crazy Christmas season arrives?  I am going to give it some thought and set myself some new goals.  Hmmm what else can I paint?

Feeling empowered,

Your Postmistress Stacey-Lynne







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  1. Awesome work on the dresser…looks great! I also love the desk, great color. Who needs to know those pesky sugars anyway. And I’m not surprised about your success in getting right with God. I however have not found my new passion but I’ll keep looking….something is bound to come up.

  2. Awesome work on the dresser…looks great! I also love the desk, great color. Who needs to know those pesky sugars anyway. And I’m not surprised about your success in getting right with God. I however have not found my new passion but I’ll keep looking….something is bound to come up.

    1. Haha, apparently I need to know but . . . what rational person doesn’t have a problem sticking themselves with a needle each day. Hahaha, I just implied I was rational. You need to come and see the desk in person!

  3. The dresser looks amazing! I had this great to do list over the summer and it completely fell off… I’m gonna redo it for the fall I think! My basement needs some TLC so it can become a Batcave for my kid.

    1. A bat cave would be fantastic!! Honestly Tara if felt really great to get that stupid mess cleaned off my dresser. I am constantly making lists, I never complete them but even checking off 2 or 3 tasks is a great feeling of accomplishment. You should go for it!

  4. Wow! Your dresser looks beautiful! Enjoy that accomplishment! My goals are to do some form of exercise every day (3 weeks and counting, but I have an accountability group for this which helps) and to get in the habit of blogging again. I’ve also been working on daily Bible study…I love how it doesn’t matter how often you have read a verse, there always seems to be something new to learn.

    1. Thanks, I think you know how much of a mess it was before. Wow look at you go those are great goals! i will have to go check out your blog now that you are writing for yourself again.

  5. I cleaned off my dresser too. Yours looks great. I still am forgetting to do my devotional at work. I need to work on that towards Christmas.

    1. Yay for clean dressers! Devotional time seems to be a difficult habit to form. I started praying about creating the time for mine.

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