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February 2, 2018

Warm greetings my friend,

February is upon us and the warmer weather is just around the corner.  Okay maybe not around the corner but a girl has to dream doesn’t she?  One of my friends keeps a countdown to spring on Facebook and I love to see those numbers dropping.  I hope this note finds you happy and well.  These winter days are perfect for tucking in with a good book, perhaps I shouldn’t wish them away too soon.

A couple of years ago it struck me that I who had always been a voracious reader didn’t seem to be reading as much as I use to.  I wondered could this be true?  So I found an online site I could use to track my reading.  At the end of 2016 I had completed 35 books.  Very respectable but it confirmed that I wasn’t reading as much as I wanted to.  I’m sure you can guess what was stealing my reading time.  Screen time.  I was either sitting with the tv on or on the laptop scrolling through social media sites or occasionally both.  Does screen time sneak up on you as well?  I signed up again in 2017 and set the goal of 50 books.  Again I finished the year at 35 books read

I am persistent, this year I have once more set my goal at 50 books. Third times the charm, right.  This will be the year I hit and surpass that goal!  Aiming high.  We are making some life style changes that will help.  Actually we began to work these changes last year. Creating healthy habits is difficult, it’s good that every morning is a fresh start, a chance to try again.  Sweetie and I are turning off the screens earlier and heading into bed to read a bit before sleep.  A better bedtime routine, books read and time together with no the background noise.  A win, win, win.

Painting the living room means stacking books on the table.

I use two sites to track my reading.  I am including the links to both if you would like to see my reading shelves or how I am making out with the challenge.  The first is Good Reads.  I began using Good Reads last year, I had stayed away from it before because it has so many bells and whistles.  I can lose a lot of time there if I’m not careful, there is so much to look at and read. But it is the site where most of my friends are, so I can see what they are reading and some of the bells and whistles are kind fun . . . . this is my favourite whistle.  One thing I dislike about Good Reads is that I can’t separate out graphic novels from the other books.  I enjoy the connected feeling it gives me to my friends.

The second site I use is the Harper Collins 50 Book Pledge.  This is the one I started with in 2016.  It’s so visual and clean, I love it.  I like that I can see the covers of the books on my ‘to read’ shelf and on my ‘read’ shelf.  I also made a separate shelf for graphic novels.  I’m fussy, I’m not counting most graphics I read in my 50 book pledge.  Both sites are great and I can update them both quickly, both are user friendly.  Are you a member of either site? Leave me a comment with your user name or a link, so I can give you a follow.  I love seeing what others are reading.

I have decided to change up the parameters of my reading challenge this year.  Earlier this month I shared a photo on Instagram of my towering stacked night table.  My “to read” pile was getting dangerously high. A friend told me to check out, The Unread Shelf Project 2018 , so I did.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.~ Cicero Beautiful shelves Sweetie built.

What a brilliant idea!  The basic premise is that you commit to reading the books you already own.  The ones that have been sitting there waiting for you to get around to them.  It’s no secret that I love books, I often laughingly say that I am a book rescuer.  While we do have an impressive library, I hate to admit it but the unread books on our shelves are in the triple numbers. I am incorporating the Unread Shelf Project into my 2018 challenge to help bring that number down.  I am going to place a list of 50 books I already own on the blog.  My goal is to read at least 35 of them as part of my 50 book pledge.  This leaves 15 books for rereads, gifted books, the impulse buy, rare finds or must have books.  After all it’s good to be honest with yourself, all of those additional books could/will happen.

There it is goals set and shared.  Sharing your goals always makes you feel more committed, doesn’t it.  What is one of your personal goals for 2018, perhaps it has nothing to do with reading? Or maybe you do have a reading goal for the year?  Is there a new book you are looking forward to diving into?  It’s February the perfect time to sit with a cuppa something warm and crawl into a printed world.  So until next time my friend, you can find me curled up with a good book.

Your Post Mistress,

Link to my Good Reads Profile

Link to my Harper Collins Pledge Profile

Link to my Instagram photo of my night stand.

Link to my Unread Shelf Project 2018





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  1. I had this goal last year! I now only have a handful of books on our shelves that I have not read. I am also on goodreads as it is a good way to track books, so I don’t end up reading the same book twice because I can’t remember if I’ve read it until I’m a few chapters in. Since starting to read in the car on the way to and from work, my read list has exponentially grown. I made my goal 50 books this year, but I’ve already read 10, so perhaps that was too easy a target. Good luck with your goal! And enjoy all those books!

  2. 50 seems reasonable after all it’s only the first of the year who knows what can happen that may eat into your reading time. I can not read in the car at all, it makes my head ache. But it’s a great way to pass time on your commute. I’m going to look for you on Good Reads, I’d love to follow along and see what you are reading.

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