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February 13, 2018

Hello there,

I’m not sure what the weather has been like in your corner of the world but it’s been a bit batty around here.  The old expression ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes it will change.’ has been the honest truth.  From bitter cold to rainy and warm we’ve seen the whole gamut the past two months.

The view outside my windows has been so dreary the last thing I want is the inside of my home reflecting that. But after the Christmas decorations are packed away it’s hard not to look around at your home and feel like it’s bleak and bare.  Gone are the twinkling lights and happy decorations that surrounded us throughout the holidays. So what’s a gal to do?  My answer is embrace the season by creating a look tailor made for you on these long days of winter.

I always leave some of the greenery and lights up from my Christmas decorating. I have green garlands threaded with red berries,bells and lights around my windows and down my staircase.  There is something about having those little lights on in the evening which creates a snug feeling.  The long dark nights don’t feel quite so long with all those lovely points of light gleaming away.

I also decorate for the holidays that are coming up. I enjoy following the seasons and have done it since before my children were small. Currently our home has a very cozy feeling with the red hearts of Valentines day.  Little vignettes tucked here and there around our home raise my spirit and give me joy. It also stops me from piling things, instead I actually put them where they belong.  Currently we have some jolly gnomes hanging out and sledding, snow frosted mini trees and smiling snowmen. Last year I found some little wooden signs with scripture verses about love, they were a prefect addition to our winter decor.  My family is pretty excited about the Valentines treats in glass jars on my sideboard.  Perhaps a little too excited I’ve had to refill the conversation hearts once already.

It’s important for our home to reflect who we are and be filled with things that make us happy.  If it’s leaving your winter Mickey village up until the end of February so be it.  What do you do to your home space this time of year? Do you take advantage to purge as you rearrange after the busy Christmas season.  Do you have favourite snowmen that hang out enjoying the remainder of our winter days?  Hopefully your space is somewhere you feel relaxed, where you can give your body and mind the downtime it needs.

There are no rules about what is proper in home decor, at least if there are you should follow my lead and ignore them.  The only rule we should adhere to is, make your space somewhere you love to be.  If you are a minimalist, fantastic.  If you are a collector, that’s awesome.  If your ideal space is shades of serene whites and creams with one well placed ornament then it’s perfect for you.  If you love a room filled with vibrant colour and items that trigger memories, no one should tell you different.  If your home needs stacks of books and coasters for mugs of coffee everywhere . . . well you should invite me over.  I saw a quote the other day I really liked.  “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” ~ Nate Berkus   Sounds like a solid policy to me.

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  1. My home is currently “decorated” with piles of books I am in the midst of reading, piles of movies we have just watched or are going to watch, and piles of fiddle music which I am learning to play. Very shortly the decorations will include piles of seed catalogues and drawings of gardening plans. Our home is truly a reflection of who we are. 🙂

    1. Sounds like my kind of place! You know other than the fiddle music, LOL. Your home does reflect who you are, especially the kitchen. I love your kitchen!

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