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Disney Fever Has Struck . . . Again

March 16, 2018

**** Warning: The following letter may cause random bursts of song and the desire for woodland creatures to clean your house.

Hello, hello my friend,

Rapunzel’s tower seen from the upper deck of the Liberty Belle riverboat, Magic Kingdom, WDW

Last week was spring break here in New Brunswick and many of our friends and family flew south. Even those who stayed home embraced the spirit of the ‘staycation’. It’s the time of year when everyone is seeking a little more sunshine and a break from the every day. Did you or do you have plans for spring/March break?

We have not.  We have reached the stage of life where spring break no longer applies to our family.  WriterChick just informed me that it never really did, poor little homeschool girl.  Although she has a point in that we didn’t follow the schedule for public school breaks, but we did manage to take long weekends here and there.

I am currently deep in the throes of Disney fever.  It was bound to happen. Helping friends plan and watching the smile filled photos on my Facebook feed, I was a prime candidate for it.  We haven’t been to Disney since 2014 so I guess the fever was due.  Have you ever had Disney fever?  It’s funny I never did until after I went the first time and now it seems to be just a matter of time before the next bout will hit.

I get asked all the time why I like to go to Disney so much. The reasons are many and varied.  Let me see if I can explain a couple of them to you.  I will be curious to hear if any strike a chord with you other Disnerds.

With the Seven Dwarves at MNSSHP 2014

First I would say that it is a fun and lively place to be.  I don’t know if it is the happiest place on earth but by their return visitor numbers I would have to say it’s close to the top of the list.  The atmosphere in the parks is cheerful and carefree.  Some cynics have said to me, ‘But is contrived and not genuine.’  So what.  Of course it’s contrived, it’s in their tag line, ‘the happiest place on earth’, they work hard at it and I believe they succeed.  Does the fact that it’s a manufactured, controlled environment make your personal experience any less real? Of course it doesn’t.  I am content to play along and buy what they are selling while I am there.  Don’t you remember your mother saying, just smile and people will smile back.  Disney cast members are world class smilers and smiling is my favourite.

Poor Tigger was embarrassed when I kissed him on the nose. Crystal Palace, Magic Kingdom

This is the point in the conversation that someone will say, “It’s always crowded, the lines are long and there are too many whiney children (and grown ups.)”   Again, I say, so what.  If you have ever been to No Frills for groceries on the day the flyer drops, you have been in crowds, long lines and whiney frustrated people of all ages.  The payoff at Disney is so much more than 50 cents off a can of tomatoes.  The crowds don’t steal my attention, the people I am touring with have it, as they should.  The waits in line pass quicker than you would expect and Disney does their best to provide some fun entertainment while you wait.  Seriously they are the king of the queue.  When I witness a meltdown moment I choose to put my focus on the joy in another tiny face while she meets her favourite princess.  Vacation is just like everyday life, you get out of it what you put in and it’s all about what you choose to focus on.

Next reason, I love going to Disney World is that it is an escape.  Favourite fictional characters come to life, there are fun things to do and see, you can be as silly as you like and no one judges (well at least they don’t tell you if they do) and it even smells better there.  No really it does, they use Smellitzers to scent the air in certain areas.  Main Street in the Magic Kingdom smells like warm vanilla most of the year. At Christmas time it smells like peppermint.  Everyone enjoys an escape or a get away from their everyday life.  Even when your day to day life is wonderful a break is always welcome, we all appreciate the opportunities to try something new.  There is always that something ‘new’ at WDW.  The parks are ever changing and growing.  No one visit is the same as the last.  It’s part of the appeal for me, I know every time we go it will be a whole new adventure.

In my happy place, planning a visit to WDW. Hmmmm, I should have had my coffee in a disney mug . . . next time!

One of the biggest reasons I love a disney vacation is the planning and what it leads too. When I begin to talk about preplanning our trips I get some different reactions, some folks nod their heads and grin, some shake their heads and say they prefer unstructured vacations, others, well others look at me like I have two heads.  The idea of unstructured and Disney is something I am going to address in my next post, so I will let that one lie for the moment.  Right now I want to explain to you why I love the planning (and what it leads to).

Walt Disney World is big.  I don’t just mean area wise.  It’s not just a theme park it’s an experience and it is very easy to get overwhelmed.  To say there are loads and loads of things to do, see and eat doesn’t really begin to cover it.  So as I plan there are a couple of different types of excitement that grow in me.  The excitement of anticipation, wanting to see the reactions and joy in my travelling partners, thinking about eating inside the Beast’s castle and of the fun time spent together and memories we will make.  Then there is the excitement of learning things.  As the parks are constantly changing and so far ranging there are always new experiences, hidden magic and new layers to discover.

Bruce, people are friends not food! Writerchick having some fun in Epcot

Here is the absolute best thing, the thing that takes me back to Disney time and time again. All the planing and research leads to a vacation for the mom, for the parent, for the planner.  You know that moment where everyone is standing around asking the question we all dread . . . . where are we going to eat?  What do you want to eat?  I don’t know what do you want to eat?  None of that exists when you stay at Disney.  The meals are already booked, the decisions are already made. Add to that Disney takes care of my luggage and it magically shows up in our room.  (We fly from the States side so it’s covered.) I do not have to drive anywhere, transportation is provided.  There are no “I’m bored” moments in Disney, all of the different personality types in your group have the perfect bits of entertainment right there waiting for them.  The pressure this takes off of me as the parent/organizer is lovely, I am actually on vacation too.

But for now it is still March on the east coast of Canada with two back to back nor’easters leaving the view out my window very white . . .again.  I am embracing the Disney fever, pulling out my calendar, starting my research planning and dreaming about blue skies, palm trees and a six foot Mouse that just wants me to have a magical day.

Until next time, indulge in a little Disney dreaming of your own.

Your Post Mistress,
Princess Stacey-Lynne







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  1. I want to go, too! My university friends are going this December, as we all turn 40 this year, but unfortunately I won’t be going with them. It’s fun to dream, though.

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