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Spring Cleaning: Clutter Be Gone

Hello my friends, Welcome to May when things start to feel lighter and brighter.  After such a cold spring on the east coast even the word ‘May’ seems to fill people with glee.  While it may not be shorts and flip flops weather yet, our thoughts are beginning to turn to days spent outside soaking […]

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Read More Books

Warm greetings my friend, February is upon us and the warmer weather is just around the corner.  Okay maybe not around the corner but a girl has to dream doesn’t she?  One of my friends keeps a countdown to spring on Facebook and I love to see those numbers dropping.  I hope this note finds […]

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Aiming High; The Dance of Goal Setting

Hello Friend, Here we are already one month into 2018.  Sometimes the days pass slowly but the months seem to fly by, don’t they?  Now that we are a month in, it seems to safe to talk about our aspirations for 2018 without the pressure of the dreaded new year resolutions hanging over us.  Isn’t […]

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